Jon Di Iorio

I started Vivid Emotion Photography around 5 years ago merely as a hobby and have since grown and expanded my hobby into my passion.

I've had a camera around my neck for more then 12 years, being introduced to photography through my grandfather.  At any family gathering, he could be found waving his Polaroid around and capturing our family.  I thank him a lot for introducing me to photography and now that he has passed and when I pick up my camera now it brings back a flood of memories.

My main photographic passion revolves around motorsports and cars.  I didn't grow up in a gear head family but I got my first real taste of the car culture in 2003 when I meet and helped form Strictly Focused car club.  It may have just been a group of Focus owners, but that introduced me to two of my best friends who I not only share my love of cars with but also photography.

My other great photographic passion is for landscapes and cityscapes.  I enjoy the slow pace of capturing landscapes along with travel to new and exciting places to capture such images.

My goal with Vivid Emotion Photography is to provide strong timeless pieces of art that you would be proud to hang in your own home and keep for years and years.

Many of my photos are hung within my home and they are updated regularly so I can provide my clients with the highest quality prints and mats.